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Chicago Water Damage Restoration

Living with water damage could endanger both your property and your health. If your property has been showing any signs of leaks, flooding, or has been subject to severe weather conditions, we recommended you call in our team of water damage professionals as soon as possible. Water Damage Chicago works endlessly to ensure all traces of water damage are removed quickly and efficiently. Call us today for a free inspection.

Restoration 24/7 of Chicago

No matter what water damage emergency you are facing, our Water Damage Chicago team can completely repair and restore it, according to your specific needs. Water Damage Chicago is composed of professionals who can confront any water damage issue, from a flooded basement, to a leaky roof, or a burst or broken pipe. We want to ensure that your life returns to normal as quickly as possible, so our team acts speedily and professionally.

Water Damage Chicago is IIRC certified and can help with all of your needs related to water damage restoration and repair. Our confrontation and annulment of your property’s water damage issue is as follows, we begin by locating of the source of the damage. We then move on to the removal of any and all unwanted residue from the damage. Finally we provide our clients with a complete restoration of your all your affected belongings, as detailed below.

Upon receiving a call, Water Damage Chicago speedily arrives at the site and begins to search for the source of the water damage. In order to impair the extent of the damage, finding it is of the outmost importance. After we have successfully ensured that source has been allocated, we work to remove all traces of water from within your walls. Our team does this through a series of de-humidification and water allocation exercises from within your walls your walls.

When we have successfully removed all the water from your property, our Water Damage Chicago restoration team of experts works to remove any unwanted residue from within your walls, such as germs and mold. Germs and mold can be seriously harmful to your health, and cause problems such allergies, fever, rashes, itchiness, and respiratory difficulties. Germs and mold may also be damaging to your belongings, and possibly ruin them. Our team works endlessly to ensure all germs and mold are removed.

Water damage can ruin your belongings, and negatively impact the structural integrity of your home, so after the above process has been completed, our team works to ensure that your property and belongings are restored to their best possible condition. If your property does not go through a process of restoration from a professional, you will likely find yourself with weakened floor, ceiling, and walls. It is thus extremely crucial to call a water damage expert to restore and remove all objects that have undergone water damage. If you have any questions about whether your belongings are still ridden with water damage, or if water damage might be affecting your property in any way, call the experts at Water Damage Chicago, for a free evaluation today.

Our services

  • Carpet Drying & MoreCarpet Drying & More
  • Basement DryingBasement Drying
  • Flood Damage RestorationFlood Damage Restoration
  • Sewage Clean UpsSewage Clean Ups
  • Water Damage RestorationWater Damage Restoration
  • Water ExtractionWater Extraction
Hassle Free, Licensed & Insured !Call now(773) 432-4338(773) 432-4338

Flood & Water Damage Repair

  • Water Damage Restoration- moisture, humidity, and flooding can be greatly harmful to the structural integrity of your property, and result in a weakening of your floors, walls, and ceiling. Water Damage Chicago engages in a restoration processes to ensure that your structure remains strong and eliminate these dangers.
  • Insurance Approved Vendor- Water Damage Chicago is recognized by most insurance companies, and can even directly charge your insurance company.
  • Sewage cleanup- our team of professionals rapidly cleans any sewage from your property, in order to eliminate health hazards, and reduce the sewage from spreading.
  • Pack out services- we assist in the protecting your belongings by removing them to a secure location, so that they do not further become exposed to, or affected by, the water damage.
  • Water damage drying- we specialize in restorations of any type of water damage, no matter the source.

Mold Removal & Testing

  • Free mold inspection- we clients with a free inspection to check if water damage has caused your home to be ridden with mold. This service is especially useful if you live with small children, the elderly, or people naturally prone to allergies, as mold can be especially harmful to them. Mold can also cause fever, rashes, or respiratory issues, even if you are a usually healthy person
  • Mold testing- we have the latest technology in mold detection to perform the most extensive check of your property. Even if you are only slightly suspicious that mold exists within your property, it is crucial that you check for your own health and safety, and the health and safety of those who live with you.
  • Mold damage restoration- our technicians provide effective, time-efficient, and cost effective services of mold removal and restoration.
  • Air quality testing- even before any mold symptoms are experienced, we test the quality of your air, as to ensure that we find and remove all traces of mold before it starts to impact your health.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

  • Free inspection- Water Damage Chicago offers a free inspection of all the sewers surrounding your property in order to assess where the damage stemmed from. We respond quickly to all calls as to ensure that this potentially hazardous situation will be attended to and solved right away.
  • Sewage removal- we ensure all your belongings are sanitized and restored. We begin by removing all traces of the sewage from your property.
  • Cleanup and disinfection- after the sewage has been removed, we clean and disinfect all of your property and belongings, to ensure that no bacteria, germs, or viruses remain. We use the best technology to remove all traces of odor, mildew, and mold.
  • Dry out and repairs- we engage in a drying and dehumidifying system. This is done to protect your property that was damaged from the sewage from becoming damaged by moisture. We then work to fully repair and restore the affected area.