Our Certifications

Water Damage Chicago is certified as one of the best companies for all your water damage and repair needs by top businesses and companies throughout the country. At Water Damage Chicago, we work to keep to their standards of excellence in quality and performance, and make a conscious effort to constantly be learning from them. It is because of this constant aspiration for excellence that Water Damage Chicago has earned the title of top quality, professional water repair and restoration service.

The Better Business Bureau serves to protect quality that customers deserve from businesses by providing customers with a impartial report of businesses. The BBB has been providing an up to date rating of companies for the consumer population since 1912. The BBB compiles a report of experiences that people have had with a variety of different businesses, so that consumers will have a realistic expectation of the services they will be receiving. The BBB has the ability to create a playing field for discussions between both the consumers and the businesses.

The Environmental Assessment Agency works to ensure that the environment is always protected from businesses, by ensuring that businesses always take the environment into account. The EAA engages in surprise check-ins to businesses to make sure the way they perform their services does not pose any harm to mother-nature. Additionally the EAA examines the impact each businesses service has on the environment. Afterwards the EAA educates companies on how to be even more environmentally friendly.

The Cleaning and Restoration Association ensures that companies that deal with water damage use the safest and best means possible to repair the affected area, and clean and restore water damage. CRA members receive a series of detailed training lectures, activities, and instructions so that companies will understand the new debates and developments. This training assures that we can be better servants to you, the clientele. Only businesses that comply with the CRA’s training are able to gain the status of members to the CRA, and Water Damage Chicago is very proud to be a member of this esteemed association.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification works to ensure quality and professional service from water damage companies. The IICRC ensures that the best service is being upheld through the distribution of consistent and regular exams to companies. The IICRC also informs consumers on how they can better protect their property from water damage. Working with an IICRC company ensures an extremely high level of quality and professional assistance, and Water Damage Chicago is proud to be IICR certified.

The Environment Protection Agency works to protect and enforce laws that pertain to human health and the environment. The EPA gives financial grants to companies to which helps to aid the environment, and educates companies on environmental protection.