Chicago Water Damage

Water damage can negatively harm both your health, and your property. Natural disasters such as floods, snowstorms, and severe rainstorms can cause flooding or water damage to your home. Yet, there are also other, less noticeable causes of water damage that may even originate from within your home. The sources of water damage coming from within your home itself can vary from an overflowing dishwasher or washing machine stuffed toilet, a roof leak, to a broken or blocked pipe.

When water damage has affected your property, the results may be very harmful to you and your family. The residue stemming from water damage may cause breathing difficulties, rashes, allergies, or fever. If any one of these symptoms has affected you or your family to an unusual degree you should immediately seek medical attention, and get your home checked for signs of mold and moisture in the walls. Water Damage Chicago provides people who suspect there might be an extent of water damage in their property with a free evaluation. If you currently have a suspicion that there might be some form of water damage in your home, call the professionals at Water Damage San Diego immediately.

When water damage affects your home by means of a leaky roof, or flooded basement you are likely to notice it right away. As leaks and floods are not the only signs of water damage, we have compiled the below list that every how owner should be familiar with, so that you can identify water damage in no matter what form it may come in.

  • Bulging walls or other surfaces
  • Strange or musty odors
  • Paint that peels off
  • Mildew or mold
  • Damp or discolored patches on your walls
  • Leaks or drips

If you have noticed any of the above within your property, call us today to provide you with a free consultation. Water Damage Chicago can tackle all of the above water damage issues, and is IIRC certified. If left unattended, water damage will only proliferate further. Water Damage Chicago both cuts off the source of the damage and also restores your property. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied, which we believe is not achieved through resorting your property’s appearance, but through making it even better.

There are three different types of water categories when dealing with water damage: those water stains that are black, those that are grey, and those that are white. The color differs based off of the different sources the stain stems from. Black water is water that is contaminated with sewage and originates from sewers. Grey water is made up of chemicals, and originates from within the home, either in a dishwasher or washing machine overflow. White water stems from broken faucets or pipelines, and is uncontaminated. Water Damage Chicago is able to deal with all different classifications of water damage.